What’s CrossFit Got To Do, Got To Do With It?

Tina Turner asked that question about love in 1984. If you’ve looked at my website, you might be asking what’s CrossFit got to do with my audiobook narrating career.

The answer is, well, almost everything.

If you know any CrossFitters, you know they love to talk about CrossFit: the workout of the day (WOD), cleaning, jerking, box jumping, snatches, toes to bar, pull-ups, double under jump rope, tires, sledgehammers, deadlifts and personal records (PRs), etc. There’s a good reason for this. CrossFit isn’t your typical gym exercise routine. And it’s not just about the exercise. It’s a community of people of all sizes, shapes, ages and physical capabilities who come together to do one thing. Improve. Improve their strength, their agility, their speed and endurance. Improve their balance, their power and their coordination. In the process, the one mighty strength that becomes honed and sharp is their mental fitness.

I think of physical exercise as being more important for my mental attitude and happiness than for my physical appearance. When I started working out at a CrossFit gym, known as a “box,” in 2015, I already had a long history of enjoying physical fitness and had discovered its psychological benefits. CrossFit just upped the game for me and became a sport I never get bored with.

It has become a way of life, and everything I do, I compare with CrossFit. If there is a challenge ahead of me, I rely on the mental fortitude I have gained over the last five years of tough workouts. If there is something that sounds too difficult, I’m prepared to face it because I’ve learned that I have the grit to get it done. If I have to deal with issues of patience, I have it. I have been trained in tenacity and perseverance. 

The character and physical strengths I’ve developed in CrossFit training enable me to withstand, not only the corporeal demands of standing in front of a microphone for hours, using my breath and my diaphragm to speak the stories of authors, but to organize and execute the workload like a champ, patiently build my business and do the scary and hard things. 

It’s physical
Only logical