Here in New Orleans we are surrounded by ROYALTY. Mardi Gras⚜️.pngRoyalty, that is. Have you ever noticed how royal folks seem to carry themselves with easy grace and impeccable posture? Good posture can be a life saver, a career saver, and you can have it too.

Imagine a string running up through your spinal column and out through the crown of your head. Visualize that string being pulled upward toward the ceiling. Your neck is pulled off your shoulders, your chest extends forward, shoulders shift back, ribcage lifts off your pelvis and, if you’re seated, your pelvis rocks slightly forward, removing that slumping curve in the lower back. You are now ready for deeper breaths and powerful audiobook narration.

Feel that? You look regal! Hail King & Queen You!

Happy Mardi Gras!!