Good Night?

How did you sleep last night? If you’ve been improving your posture while working and relaxing, getting regular massages, getting some movement or exercise into your days, and you are still waking up with back pain or stiffness, it may be time to replace your mattress. The Sleep Foundation says: Generally speaking, you should replace […]

Snap, Crackle, Pop

Joint cracking is not a sound we want in our audio files, right? But it happens, often with the slightest gesture or ankle shift.  They do agree that it is harmless, unless accompanied by pain, redness or swelling. They also agree that cracking your joints on purpose does not cause arthritis. They also agree that […]

Sit up Straight!!

Have you seen your abdominal muscles lately? Maybe they’re hiding behind the holiday goodies we ate, but they are there, I promise. Abs are part of your core and, when weak, contribute to slouching. NO SLOUCHING in the booth, guys! Planks are one of the best core strengthening movements, and are done with no equipment. […]

Ready, Set, Chew!!!!

It’s time for thankful Americans (and others) to warm up their Masseter muscles with self-massage. Keeping the strongest muscle (by weight) in your body loose and free will increase your ability to change your oral shapes, so you can improve your cool accents, gender and character voices.

Placement has Consequences

If you’ve been putting in the work and it has made your wallet fat, good for you. Just remember that you may want to carry that wallet someplace other than your back pocket. Sitting on your wallet throws your pelvis out of alignment, compressing one side of your back and overstretching the other side. It […]

Your Knees Need Pillows Too

Did you know that if you’re a side sleeper, you may be developing low back or hip pain while you sleep? Side sleepers often rotate their hips, causing torsion or twisting of the lumbar spine and undue tension across the hip that is in the upper position. Try sleeping with a knee pillow to keep […]

Do you have a Rice Sock?

When I think of the most useful little self-care tool I’ve ever used, I think of the RICE SOCK. We have kept one in our household, always, for years. It provides MOIST heat because the raw rice has a bit of moisture, which is emitted when it’s heated.It molds to any shape so it can […]

Feeling Shrimpy?

Have you ever felt a little shrimpy after a long day of work? Treat yourself to an unwinding stretch after a long period of sitting. You’ll be opening up the superficial front line of myofascial tissue of the body and uncurling that flexed forward posture. Here, I’m using a foam roller, placed vertically along my […]

Calves Need Love Too

Let’s meet two muscles which need some love: Gastrocnemius and Soleus, otherwise known as your calf muscles. When we are stationary for long periods, our calves can become tight and short. This can lead to aches and pains in other parts of the body further up and down the kinetic chain. Ankles can lose mobility, […]

Fast or Slow

Booth Health Tuesday is back after Hurricane Ida strolled through my area. Her winds were fast but her forward movement was slow. Muscles of the skeleton are made of fast twitch and slow twitch fibers. Slow twitch fibers make up a large part of deep and core muscles responsible for posture and stabilization, while fast […]