Give your Hip Flexors some Love!

Need to unwind? Hip flexor muscles can become tight and short from prolonged sitting. Give them some love. Follow the guidance and keep your back flat and pressed into the surface of your “table.”

Can you Improve your Longevity?

I’m busy prepping a new audiobook, The Grail Protocol: Genetic Engineering Thriller (Grail Protocol Series, Book 1), by Douglas Jones.  It’s a near future, science fiction, adventure thriller where an accidental scientific discovery leads to the world-changing possibility of immortality! Immortality may not be a reality, but we can improve our chances for longevity by […]

Are you a Royal?

Here in New Orleans we are surrounded by ROYALTY. Mardi GrasRoyalty, that is. Have you ever noticed how royal folks seem to carry themselves with easy grace and impeccable posture? Good posture can be a life saver, a career saver, and you can have it too. Imagine a string running up through your spinal column […]

How is your Hara?

Almost 20 years ago, when I attended massage school, my instructors addressed many forms of healing, spiritual, and physical practices like QiGong, and energy work. One philosophy that I’ve always treasured was that of keeping your Hara open in your daily life. The Hara has many meanings among different cultures and beliefs, but basically, it […]

Postural Habits

Narrators, are you aware of any postural habits in the booth that could cause problems over time? I just finished listening to the audiobook ATOMIC HABITS, written and narrated by James Clear. It was brimming with wise nuggets. Here’s one: “The process of behavior change always starts with awareness.” and “Time magnifies the margin between […]

My Lungs are Where??

Do you know where your lungs are? Many people think our lungs are in the front of the chest. But the largest portion of our lungs are in our back. That’s where the most expansion occurs in a natural breath. So, when we narrate a long passage, getting to the end without gasping for air […]

Are you on your Toes?

The talented actress and performance coach, and director, Paula Parker said, “Claim the page as your territory,” as you would claim the stage as your territory as a stage actor. I love the powerful feeling this evokes. To help me recall her words, I like to add the physical element of spreading my toes when […]

Are you Listening?

Do you know where your head is? Do you have the postural problem of Forward Head Posture? If we become aware of our head placement, we can improve our posture, our breathing, our vision, and our lives as audiobook narrators. Your ear should be directly over the center point of your shoulder. Have someone take […]