My Lungs are Where??

Do you know where your lungs are? Many people think our lungs are in the front of the chest. But the largest portion of our lungs are in our back. That’s where the most expansion occurs in a natural breath. So, when we narrate a long passage, getting to the end without gasping for air […]

Are you on your Toes?

The talented actress and performance coach, and director, Paula Parker said, “Claim the page as your territory,” as you would claim the stage as your territory as a stage actor. I love the powerful feeling this evokes. To help me recall her words, I like to add the physical element of spreading my toes when […]

Are you Listening?

Do you know where your head is? Do you have the postural problem of Forward Head Posture? If we become aware of our head placement, we can improve our posture, our breathing, our vision, and our lives as audiobook narrators. Your ear should be directly over the center point of your shoulder. Have someone take […]

Let your Lights Shine!

Almost 20 years ago, when I attended massage school, my instructors addressed many forms of healing, spiritual, and physical practices like QiGong, and energy work. One philosophy that I’ve always treasured was that of keeping your Hara open in your daily life. The Hara has many meanings among different cultures and beliefs but basically, it […]

Let them Hang!

Stop! Look at your elbows. Are they bent? When we flex the elbows, the connection they have through the upper arm causes the shoulders to rotate slightly forward, which causes the Collarbone and chest to drop, the head to move forward, and a forward flexion of the spine occurs. The result is that deep and […]

Stand up Straight!!

I’m not your mama, but I’m here to remind you to sit and stand up straight! Your older self will be glad you did. Here’s an easy way to do some posture re-education. Posture taping with Kinesiology Tape can be a strong tool to remind you to lift your head, lower your shoulders, tuck your […]

Time to Drain?

Happy Summer! Summer cold? Allergies? Feeling stuffy? Lymphatic drainage massage is a safe way to give your Lymphatic System a boost, increasing the flow of Lymph through the Lymphatic vessels, nodes, and organs. Your body will increase its production of germ fighting white blood cells and antibodies. Enjoy the sinus drainage that this little self-massage […]

Smile and Breathe!

Today’s featured muscle is the Platysma, located at the front of the neck, just under the skin. Large but very thin, it starts at the Collar Bone and goes upwards to the jaw and blends with the facial muscles into the cheek area. Its main action is making a grimacing facial expression When you spend […]