My Lungs are Where??

Do you know where your lungs are? Many people think our lungs are in the front of the chest. But the largest portion of our lungs are in our back. That’s where the most expansion occurs in a natural breath. So, when we narrate a long passage, getting to the end without gasping for air is easier if we have flexibility in our back muscles and connective tissue.

Try this test: 

Bend at the waist and let your head drop into a relaxed position.

Rest your hands on your thighs to stop all the small accessory breathing muscles from helping the large breathing structures: diaphragm, back muscles and muscles between the ribs.

Take a deep breath and let your back rise towards the ceiling. Exhale. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Do you feel the expansion in your back? That’s a good feeling to be aware of and to replicate in the booth!