Late Bloomer…The Life of a Reluctant Bud

I hate to be late for appointments, deadlines, or events. Don’t you? But somehow, I have realized I’ve been late to the party for the big stuff.

I was late in finding the perfect husband; late in furthering my education at the college level; late in having children; late in becoming a CrossFit athlete; and late in finding the perfect career in audiobook narrating.

I’m even late to diary writing, now freshly rebranded as blogging or journaling. When I was a kid, I would attempt some diary entries, but I didn’t trust that little lock and I would later shred or burn the contents lest someone get a look into my inner most, embarrassing thoughts. I guess I’ve lost that particular filter.

When I gaze in wonder at all the young narrators knocking their careers out of the park in their 20’s or 30’s, I kind of wonder how much time I have left to get this life thing right and wallow around in some feeling of success.

I do extract some hope from the fact that my mother, at nearly ninety years old, is totally fearless on a computer, can post memes and GIFs like a champ and continues to act decades younger than her age. Perhaps there is a chance that I can keep up with the high velocity rush of technological advancements and searching the Urban Dictionary on a regular basis.

So what would I secretly like to say to casting directors? If you hire me, I swear we could have a long-term working relationship. You know those genes I got from mom? My dad is equally young for nearly ninety years old, especially in the physicality department. Hence, I may be mature, but my voice sounds more like generation X, Y or Z. You’ll like how my maturity and my vast, ancient wisdom bring richness and depth to my narration. Above all, I’ll not be late for deadlines.