Let your Lights Shine!

Almost 20 years ago, when I attended massage school, my instructors addressed many forms of healing, spiritual, and physical practices like QiGong, and energy work. One philosophy that I’ve always treasured was that of keeping your Hara open in your daily life. The Hara has many meanings among different cultures and beliefs but basically, it […]

Let them Hang!

Stop! Look at your elbows. Are they bent? When we flex the elbows, the connection they have through the upper arm causes the shoulders to rotate slightly forward, which causes the Collarbone and chest to drop, the head to move forward, and a forward flexion of the spine occurs. The result is that deep and […]

Stand up Straight!!

I’m not your mama, but I’m here to remind you to sit and stand up straight! Your older self will be glad you did. Here’s an easy way to do some posture re-education. Posture taping with Kinesiology Tape can be a strong tool to remind you to lift your head, lower your shoulders, tuck your […]

Time to Drain?

Happy Summer! Summer cold? Allergies? Feeling stuffy? Lymphatic drainage massage is a safe way to give your Lymphatic System a boost, increasing the flow of Lymph through the Lymphatic vessels, nodes, and organs. Your body will increase its production of germ fighting white blood cells and antibodies. Enjoy the sinus drainage that this little self-massage […]

Smile and Breathe!

Today’s featured muscle is the Platysma, located at the front of the neck, just under the skin. Large but very thin, it starts at the Collar Bone and goes upwards to the jaw and blends with the facial muscles into the cheek area. Its main action is making a grimacing facial expression When you spend […]

Let’s Hang Out

Wanna hang out together? Hanging from a stable bar overhead has tremendous health benefits. After long periods of sitting or standing, hunching over our phones, or computers, hanging can: -Decompress the spine -Open the shoulders I-mprove upper body mobility -Open the ribcage, which leads to more efficient and fuller breaths All of these are just […]

Turn on those Muscles!!!

Friends! Did you know that sitting for long periods can cause your butt muscles to “turn off?” The muscles in the front of your hips can overpower the ones in the back (Gluteus Maximus and Medius) and can make them less responsive and “sleepy.” This can lead to back and hip pain, knee pain and […]

What are you Sitting On?

What are you sitting on today? If it’s your foot, check this out. Many people have the habit of perching on one foot while sitting, but that can cause trouble later. Sitting on your foot can lead to pain in the knee, hip, ankle, back, ligament strain, Sciatic impingement, and even neck pain, as the […]

Put Your Feet Up

We all know there are negative consequences to sitting all day, but what about those evenings, or when you’re through with work? Netflix is calling, or you want to read. How can we avoid more sitting during our relaxation time? Leg elevation is a good counterbalance to sitting or standing all day and holds health […]

It’s not Funny!!

Did you know that your “funny bone” is a nerve? Yep. The Ulnar nerve starts at your neck, passes through your elbow, and travels to your ring & pinky fingers. Keeping your elbows bent a lot, or leaning on your elbows on a hard surface, like a desktop, can cause Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. The most […]