Smile and Breathe!

Today’s featured muscle is the Platysma, located at the front of the neck, just under the skin.

Large but very thin, it starts at the Collar Bone and goes upwards to the jaw and blends with the facial muscles into the cheek area. Its main action is making a grimacing facial expression

When you spend many hours looking down, the Platysma can become tight and inhibit the muscles underneath it, which are responsible for breathing, head movement, swallowing and chewing.

Give it a light and easy stretch before you tackle those pick-ups.

1. Place your fingers under your Collar Bone and press lightly in and down toward your feet.

2. Tilt your head down and SMILE.

3. Slowly tilt your head back keeping the tension on the area where your fingers are pressing.

4. Feel the deep stretch.

5. You can do one side at a time and feel the stretch way up into your face.