Silly Lovers Try Positions That They Can’t Handle

I have a secret code for you: Silly Lovers Try Positions That They Can’t Handle!

OK, it’s not a secret, but rather a mnemonic to help remember the bones of the wrist. Some of those bones help form a narrow canal called the carpal tunnel, through which the median nerve passes. Get where I’m going with this? You’ve probably heard of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, right? Maybe you’ve experienced it. Burning, tingling, numbness in your palm, thumb, or middle fingers?

There are many causes for this syndrome including repetitive wrist motions, certain health conditions and pregnancy but the one I want to focus on is posture. Slumping your shoulders causes impingement of the nerve before it even gets to your wrist, causing inflammation before it must squeeze through the carpal tunnel. Opening the chest with stretches can help, making it easier to adjust your posture to a more upright and open one.