Allergy Advice for Narrators

Some fellow #narrators have asked me about postnasal drip, allergy, and sinus issues. Since those are things beyond the scope of my training, I consulted with fellow narrator and Registered Respiratory Therapist, Peter Lerman.

Allergy Advice for Narrators

By Peter Lerman, Registered Respiratory Therapist
Licensed in the states of Connecticut and New York

Be aware that, unlike normal people, narrators inhale through their mouths while narrating. We all do. We have to. The humidification and filtering that normally takes place in your nose and sinuses is not happening when we mouth breathe. So, we must compensate.

Get Ready for Netti

The Netti Pot is the open secret of singers, actors and narrators. It’s a little ‘pitcher’ that you use to pour salt water into one nostril which flows through your sinuses and out the other nostril. It is harder to explain than it is to show. Just visit YouTube and watch some videos of people doing it. It is drug free, simple, easy, effective – and has great benefits with no side effects.

Thin is In: Guiafenesen

This is an over-the-counter medication popularly known as ‘Mucinex’. It thins the mucous secretions in your airways. It works well and is generally considered quite safe but check with your MD if you have any concerns.

The Salt of the Earth: Saline Spray

My favorite is ‘Simply Saline’. Convenient, safe, useful: no ingredients other than salt and water. Very handy if your airways dry out while narrating. Everyone’s airways do. Better than the squeeze bottle type of spray, which has preservatives and actually ‘inhales’ room air after you squeeze it out.

Stop Smelling

One by one, eliminate scented products from your life. There are scent free versions of dryer sheets, detergents, hand lotions, shampoo, deodorant, etc. Stop bringing that ‘pollution’ into your booth.

Honorable Mentions: Environment

  • Dust Reduction
  • Pollen Reduction