Shoulders Don’t Make Good Earrings

Have you ever felt like your shoulders have inched their way up to your earlobes after a day of narrating, deadlines, concentration, or bookkeeping?

Here’s an easy way to release that tension and bring back a feeling of “ahhhh” to your upper body.

1️⃣ Grasp one wrist behind your back and pull it down towards the floor.

2️⃣ Simultaneously, tilt your head in the opposite direction as if you’re trying to touch your ear to your shoulder.

3️⃣ Hold it, and feel how you can pull that wrist down further as the seconds tick by. Breathe.

4️⃣ You can nod your head a little bit to direct the stretch to different muscles of the neck.

5️⃣ Hold for 20-30 seconds on each side.‼️

Remember that shoulders don’t make good earrings.