Healthy Narration Habits


What is #BoothHealth? I use my 15 years of experience as a medical myofascial therapist to educate fellow narrators on posture, breathing, and easy habits to stay healthy in the booth.

Don’t be Like Bob

A note to my audiobook narrator friends as well as anyone else who works at a desk:

Don’t be like Bob! Besides the obvious misalignments of his skull, spine, hips and shoulders, his internal organs are squashed and cannot function to their full capacity.

Lift, breathe, and open up to get more oxygen to your hard working brain.

Eat Your Veggies

Narrator friends: we’ve all heard that eating apples while narrating keeps the mouth noises away. Well I learned this trick from Helen Lloyd as an even better mouth hydrator. Of course, I can’t stop wishing I had peanut butter in the booth to go with!

The Body in Action

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am passionate about anatomical studies. This video fascinates me as an audiobook narrator and a human being! I can’t stop watching that tongue in action!

Good things come to those who narrate.