The Dangers of Sitting

It’s #BoothHealth Tuesday and here I am, sitting around backstage with my cast-mates a couple of years ago *sigh*
Sitting is restful and relaxing, but when the majority of your life is spent in the sitting position, there’s going to be trouble, with a capital T!

An excerpt from the book I am currently #narrating, Body on Fire, by Dr. Monica Aggarwal and Dr. Jyothi Rao:

“Regarding chronic illness, prolonged sitting can cause our mus- cles to utilize insulin less effectively. This can directly lead to issues with glucose metabolism and eventually with insulin resistance and prediabetes. Prolonged sitting can also be associated with pain syndromes. Strained neck, carpal tunnel, shoulder pain, and lower back and hip pain can all arise from sitting. In an age when most of us sit—commuting to work and sitting in a car for two hours per day, then sitting at a desk for eight hours—our posture and alignment can suffer.”

Dr. Monica Aggarwal and Dr. Jyothi Rao

Keep on moving, friends! Stretch, do yoga, walk, swim, ride a bike, dance……