Stand up Straight!!

I’m not your mama, but I’m here to remind you to sit and stand up straight! Your older self will be glad you did.

Here’s an easy way to do some posture re-education.

Posture taping with Kinesiology Tape can be a strong tool to remind you to lift your head, lower your shoulders, tuck your chin and un-slump. Best if you get a professional to show you how to tape properly and then have someone follow those instructions.

Remove the backing from a 9-inch piece of Kinesiology Tape and stretch it a little bit at the center of the piece. Have your buddy place the center of the tape between your shoulder blades while stretching it at the center, while you stand straight with your shoulders slightly back. Have them smooth both the ends of the tape in a diagonal direction and repeat on the other side, forming an X. Have them rub the tape vigorously and it should stay in place for about three days.

The slight retraction you feel will gently remind you to use good posture and the pulling sensation you feel, if you hunch forward, will alert you that you’re slouching!