Exercise Your Vocal Chords

When I was a child, I thought the trachea and esophagus looked like the plumbing under the kitchen sink. I guess I heard someone say something went down the wrong pipe. In case you’ve ever been that confused about vocal cords, they do not look like bungees  Rather, they are made up of layers of epithelial cells, connective tissue and muscle.

Vocal Health Coach, Austenne Grey says to keep your vocal folds in shape for hours of narrating try this:

“The straw is your new best friend. For five breaths, inhale and exhale through the straw. Make a note of where expansion takes place. HINT: it should be low i.e., inhaling should have a “baby belly” effect. No movement in the shoulders. Then, for five more breaths, inhale through the straw then, exhale while humming! HINT: You should feel a reverse megaphone effect. Wide and relaxed in the back of the throat. Air pressure sent from the lungs meets with back-pressure created by the straw thus, making sure the vocal folds are properly aligned.

Add this to your warm-up and throughout the day.”