Are You Pulling Your Hair Out?

Do tongue twisting words in your narration make you want to pull your hair out? Me too, but did you know that hair pulling self-massage can restore your peace?

Head massage goes way back in history all over the world and it is known for its benefits regarding stress reduction, healing and recovery, hair growth (YES!!) and improved circulation.

Pulling on your own hair is an easy way to stretch the scalp fascia and refresh your mind.

-Start with grasping your hair at the back if your head, close to your scalp

-Reach in with open hands, sliding your fingers up your head, then close your hands to capture a fistful of hair in each hand

-Pull UP toward the top of your head

-Repeat on the sides above your ears

-Repeat at your temples, always aiming the pull up

-Finish with the center line of your head, following the line as if you had a Mohawk hairstyle, from front to back

-Only pull til you feel a stretch. It should not hurt. Adjust the pull to your comfort level.

Sorry, bald friends.